Locket Printing Help

Do you need to know the size of my locket?

Our special template will fit every size locket size we have discovered.

How do I find the correct sized image?

If your locket comes with a plastic glass - simply pop it out and place it on our special print to match the correct size.

Another method is to use a object of the same size as your locket such as a coin to then place on our template print and find a good match.

Do I need to crop the image before uploading?

No, do not crop the image.

I have 2 or more people in one image that I would like to put in lockets?

You'll need to get multiple prints from the template so the subjects are kept the same size.

Can you print and send the image to me?

Yes, We print and send locket photos all over the world.

The option of ordering a print will be given during checkout.

Can you restore or improve the image before printing.

Yes, We do offer a restoration / image enhancement serice.

After you upload your image this will be offered to you - image restoration information.

I am a business and would like to order for our customers?

Great, we'll start to apply a loyality discounts once you've placed 10 orders.

I have a problem with my order?

Use the Find my Order tool to let us know.

I have another question or would like to talk to someone about placing an order?

You can send us a message and we'll be in touch.